Monday, May 2, 2016


We have a wing!
next to last block of the primaries, 10 x 18"
     A busy week in Artlandia!  Now that it's May, it feels like the upcoming solo show at the Gertrude Herbert Institute of Art, June 24 - July 29 is just around the corner. On the one hand, I try to keep reminding myself that I already have a lot of work that is ready to go (there is no way that there won't be enough)...but... I always want to include the latest and greatest, and while that's not a bad thing, it's difficult to balance against all the logistical things that need attention during the lead up - photographing, listing, packing, transporting, figuring out the hanging, etc.                                                                                                     So, this week in an effort to reduce the number of irons in the fire - I decided to make a big push on the wings and try to finish the last two blocks, marble the paper, and print them (I didn't even proof them; they went straight onto marbled paper.)

Last Block!(!!) I saved the stripes for last :) 8 x 10"
This is the last of the primary feathers. I think it's pretty funny how I really started to feel like I was getting the hang of it...on the last one, Ha!
I also reprinted this block of the primary coverts, because I just wasn't sure about the color...
before - too gray
after - too pink? (...hmmmm, still thinking- maybe the third time's a charm?)

I also tried to move the life-scale figure toward completion - gluing and sewing the parts together.  

stitching from the back and front, gold thread with little knot between the stitches
I  didn't try to hide the stitches - instead, I tried to put them where they would be most useful structurally, but also add to the appearance.
I also sewed on this necklace made out of trim with plastic pearls and gem that I sewed on. I think this is funny because it's extra trim and cheap beads from the big box store, but I think it looks great. Like not hiding the stitches, I decided not to try to hide the seem at the neck, instead adding something shiny and sparkly nearby to distract from it.

and I think it sort of worked - at
viewing distance, the seam doesn't stand out as
much (and when it becomes visible,
 the cut along the neck makes
it even more reliquary-like ;) )

I loved seeing this on my last trip to New York during
my visit to the Cloisters - even though I was there to see the
 cards,  I couldn't help photographing this (and it's even
cooler in person,  because there are three of them close together.
I can never decide which is my favorite, but I particularly like
the necklace on this one -
A Reliquary Bust of St. Balbina, ca 1520-30,
Southern Netherlandish
Metropolitan Museum New York, 67.155.23

In preparing to move onto the torso/arms section next week, I also realized that I never printed the hand on a press on toned paper (I hand printed a proof at VCCA).
In para-art news, I got to visit one of my happy places -  Samascott Nursery (so many flowers, and! they have delicious apples - the Ruby Frosts are particularly good this year.)
no color correction on this - it really looks like that (maybe that's what inspired the new pink in the feathers?)

I went because they carry a variety of black flowers (which I find fascinating), but while I was there, I couldn't resist the  safety orange and yellow stripes.
can't resist some well placed safety orange though
first black bloom of the season
(and I assembled the planter myself - thumbs up!)

In non-art news, little Honeybear is doing great - she's back to being her joyful and exuberant puppy self.
Honey loves to be held and snuggled - she
rests her chin on my shoulder and gives the  exhale/snort
that I've come to think of as her puppy-pur.
 On my Dad's (wise!) advice, I set up
the tripod and photographed, because pretty soon, it
will be hard to believe that she was ever this little.
next to her human (and her brush)
belly pets please!
Look at that face!
A little kitty-puppy story of how things are going on the "family unity" front...

My feline assistants continue to get plenty of love and attention. They've all gotten used to seeing each other, and I've been opening the baby gate into the kitchen in the evening while I do dishes and clean up the kitchen - Honey is usually sleepy after her walk and dinner, so she stays on her bed while Junior comes in and does a loop to check on things.  Honey was dozing when Junior came up and touched her nose to Honey's tail...then lept back when it started to wag - haha. She didn't run away, just looked at it in horror like it's Aliiiiive! And with that - we have first contact! :)