Monday, March 27, 2017

foliage block and new tools

 It was a long day in Artlandia, pushing to finish this and get at least one good proof for the blog but (drumroll...) - voila! The new foliage block, 12 x 18" 

And because I'm not sure whether the view of the whole thing really gives a good sense of the detail, some close ups!

I'm especially proud of how, from a distance, the negative space reads as a mid tone (something I think is a challenge in a one-color relief print - gold star!)

These are meant to make a horizontal band in the background behind the unicorn in the pseudo-tapestry.

Even though it isn't that big a block, between the leaves and the lines and keeping track of the overlaps and where each leaf and stem originates, this was a time consuming block and took most of my time this week.

I also did a little figure drawing, and it was good to practice, even though I don't feel like it was my best session.

And last, but not least...New tools came in the mail today!(!!!!) I'd been eyeing these after carving the mini-Justice and got to test them at SGCI. It was love at first cut. Admittedly, I feel like a cat in that I want to rub my face on them (capped for safety, of course ;).) Apparently, my Princess is agrees.