Monday, March 6, 2017

Unicorn (pseudo-)tapestry, in process

 A busy week in Artlandia! We're well on our way to a new unicorn (pseudo-)tapestry [thumbs up!] 
it's 48" across and about 5' tall,
with me for scale 
The new unicorn, with it's older sibling.
Though, naturally, it didn't spring forth fully formed... first I worked on the body, adding acrylic, ink and color pencil and then joined the head and body.  I decided to put a collar over the seem between the body and the head:

New block for collar

 Then I got the pet screening up on the wall by pinning it straight through the gaps in the netting into the cork wall.  Then I decided that the collar "really needed" a new block for it's pattern (doh.) This seemed like it might be a bit of a diversion at the time, but admittedly, I really like the new collar...Then I decided it "needed" (fake)pearls hand sewn on with silver thread (twice). It is reeeeeally pretty.

I cut out and added the tree - the segments of the roots are working just like I wanted them too - extending the base of the tree and looking like they're poking up from the ground. I also find the new squirrel really funny.

Now for the ground... I'm not exactly sure what to do about the ground.  I want something that looks sort of like marbling, but that gives me more control.  And I want it not to be a million little pieces (since I plan to put a million little piece on top of it ;) ). On that note - look what came this week!! New paper! And it just happens to be wide enough to cover the screen (wha ha ha).
leg with marbled paper as ground

printed paper 18 x 50" and the corner of the plate 

I made a collagraph plate and tried it with mixed results. The result is big enough, and it's close to being what I want, but not quiet it (yet), It's also not quite the right color - I think I want to keep the printing elements in black, but not this dark (maybe adding transparent base?) and then maybe a wash of green to the paper...and gold splatters? (hmmmmm.)  In any case, it's moving along (and it's big! :D )