Tuesday, February 27, 2018

more snow leopard, visit to Dia Beacon, nature

A busy week in Artlandia! Work continues on the snow leopard.  I finished carving and printed the head and the tail. 

prints of the head and tail with my feet for scale

 Then I printed the template for the body onto an MDF block.  It wasn't my most successful transfer - it came out really light and I lost a lot of detail, but I decided to go for it anyway (figuring, it's only natural that the spots are different on the big leopard than on the small one.) As we can see, Miss Mini was an excellent helper/ fur model.

24 x 30" wood block of snow leopard body in process
It's coming along (and as we can see, I ended uo using most of my tools, haha.). 
I also framed and delivered artwork to Albany Center Gallery for 2018 Mohawk-Hudson Regional Invitational opening Mar. 2nd - thumbs up!

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2018 Mohawk-Hudson Regional Invitational at Albany Center Gallery - opening Mar. 2nd
There was also an excellent art adventure - my first time visiting Dia Beacon

me enjoying one of the many works by Dan Flavin
 (I'd never seen so many in one place - heart!)

It seems like a perfect space for the paintings of Robert Ryman

This installation, Excursus: Homage to the Square^3 by Robert Irwin was one of my favorite things...

...along with this piece,  No End Neon by Francois Morelle
 And! There was a wonderful wildlife encounter - I saw a pair of wild turkeys who seemed very content on the museum's grounds.

I'm very excited that tomorrow, I'm headed to Zea Mays to work with most excellent print-animator Lynn Peterfreund.  In addition to making the printed elements to animate and the marbled background last week, this past week I researched and reacquaint myself with some software.  I came across this series of stills of Sunny and me in the studio and decided to make them into an animation to practice with the software.  I love these because I think they really capture us on a typical day in the studio.  

Speaking of the creature family, while Mini helped with the snow leopard inside, Honey and I got to experience a full spectrum of weather outside.  When carving this much, I try to make an extra effort to walk outside during the day to stretch out my back and rest my eyes. Honey was very happy to keep me company, and we got to spend one of the first warm days in the conservation area.

The water was oddly opaque from all the snow melt.

She got joyfully muddy (look at that belly!)
Then, the next day...

Only the human was sad about the snow.