Tuesday, February 6, 2018

a sphinx in the making

Honey was so cute - she doesn't know what's in the box, but if it makes
her human so excited, it must be something worth guarding - such a good dog!
A very busy week in Artlandia!  My paper roll came! I got back to printing - after experiencing some frustration with printing the snow leopard, I did some research and adjusted the press blankets (taking out the pusher), changed to my larger brayer, and got better results printing the second state (thumbs up!)
Second state proof of new 12 x 15 relief block
detail of proof of second state

 I think the block has enough detail to work well as a template for a life scale block, and I scanned it this week.  I'm excited about making a life scale one, but also decided to work with it at this scale - I'd like to make a sphinx.

...Of course, none of the 5 sets of wing blocks I have are quiiiiite the right size.  So I used the next closest size blocks (from August 2015 ) as templates and made a new block.  It was a little weird, because at one point, I began doubting that they were really that much bigger (they're almost twice the length of the older ones, 5.5 vs about 10 inches). I re-measured to be sure, and they are indeed larger.

Then I reprinted this head block (from May 2015) that I think may be a good fit. Next, I cut the parts out and put them up on the white board together to get a sense of what they might look like 

Also, in excellent supply news - my new marbling tray arrived this week (it's actually a replacement tray for a pet kennel 0:) ). One thing that needs adjustment is that because the tray is so dark, I had a little trouble seeing the marbling patterns this go round, but I think I can fix that by adding a white mat or contact paper along the bottom for next time (and the important thing is - it fits a 48" piece of paper perfectly :) ).

I haven't decided yet what size I want to work with the sphinx yet, but having a full sheet allows for lots of possibilities.

I also carved a block that can be used to make a modular pattern because I have been thinking that I may want a pattern behind the unicorn in the pseudo-tapestry (not sure yet - hmmmmmm.)

Speaking of the pseudo-tapestry...now that the swallows have taken flight, I'm getting back to the pseudo-tapestry.  This week I cut out and toned a branch for the tree and am testing some birds for it.  One reason it's not finished is that I wasn't quite sure how to assemble it, but after trying some things on the Zea Mays flat file pieces (which are similarly structured but on a smaller scale) I think I'm ready to start putting it together (or at least, I don't think I'll become more ready by waiting/ researching).

Jr. helping establish scale.  (Usually, she is not allowed in this space, and since it's the only "kitty-free-zone" in the house,
naturally, she's eager to take full advantage any time she sneaks in. (doh.)

In other art news, I went to a lovely opening for Giovanni di Mola's new book, Kindred  at Leslie-Lohman Project Space in New York.

In creature news - we continue to miss Sunny very much. The house and studio and life in general are not the same without her. It's been hard on Mini losing her synchronized napping buddy. The heated blanket was one of Sunny's very favorite things (and she could not infrequently be seen with her blanket on the blog, for example here and here and here). It felt wrong sleeping with her blanket without her, and, like the carving pillow, I had to put it away for now.  My parents very thoughtfully sent Mini and me a new blanket - Mini approves - thank you!

Last, but not least, this week's nature shots, from the train: