Tuesday, February 13, 2018

pseudo-tapestry in process

A busy week in Artlandia - work continues on the pseudo-tapestry. 

This week I started sewing the parts into their final locations.  This was a multi-step process of sewing parts together, then sewing them onto layers, then sewing the layers together - for example, sewing the bird to the tree branch, sewing the tree branch with bird to the the tree, sewing the tree into the layer, then sewing the layer to the one above and beneath it.

To summarize - lots and lots of hand stitching.  The good news is that is seems to be working. 

One issues is the scale - it's composed in layers, in part, so I can handle it alone.  As the parts come together, it's becoming more physically difficult for me to move and reach sections without wrinkling or damaging the paper. Also, it's close to the width of the room, so walking around it is also challenging now. I'll be excited to get this off the floor and onto the wall. 

 I used a multi-pronged approach to attach the layers - I used (archival) double sided adhesive film in thin strips to hold it in place while I position it, then acid free glue along the edge, then sewing.  I had to be pretty careful about the order I was sewing things down to try to get the maximum amount of adhesion (so that the final round of sewing is sewing together the most layers). It's heavy. 
All laid out.
looking at it at an angle to check the seams between the layers.
This is a view of the back of the tree trunk
This is as far as I got this week - all the layers except the background layer, which will be attached to a large piece of paper
that will cover as much as possible of the back to protect all the stitching and provide support.
Here it is at a raking angle from above.
Once all the parts are together, I'll trim and finish the edge and attach it to the mesh that will hang on the wall.  I'll be very happy to get this off the floor and have the space back.   

Landscape shots from this week - the whole gamut from snowy to sunny. 

Just me and my 75 lb lap dog.
Naturally, my creatures have been keeping me company and lightening the mood - here's Honey (or as much of Honey as I can fit in the frame) sitting on my lap, and Mini who has decided that the pseudo-tapestry is the best napping spot in the entire house ("Look, Human, I'm helping keep all the parts in place. :)" She knows I can't be mad at that face (or resist petting that fluffy tummy), but it's still a (mostly) kitty-free-zone until I can get this on the wall.