Tuesday, March 27, 2018

rose bush and swallow de-install

A busy week in Artlandia! The swallows installation came down.  It was a successful de-install, but sad to see it all packed away.  I made a collage from one of the swallow state proofs as a gift for the Hotchkiss School archives so that part of the installation will stay safely on site. 

block with template and drawing based on
a 16th c. woodcut 
I also cut out the edge of the giant snow leopard. This is a time consuming task, but I think it will really show nicely once it's against a color background (soon. :) ).

Speaking of the background for the snow leopard - I thought it would be nice to add a new plant block.  Almost all my other plant blocks at 9 x 12" or smaller because that was the size of the old blocks... now that I have a 12" roll, they can be bigger.

I'd been wanting to carve a rose bush based on the blocks from the 1597 edition of Gerard's Herbal.  I prepared the block, transferred a template with drawing, and have carved the outline so far.

12 x 16" block in process
This week was National Puppy Day - Honey had a great day. She's very excited to be back on the trails, mud, snow piles, and all.   

Yesterday - making (hopefully!) the final
pup snow angels of the season

Nature shot of the week: