Monday, August 11, 2014

birds, birds, birds

3 new bird prints with ink and color pencil
printing, printing, printing...adding the 3 new blocks to the 2 from mini-project, varying the shade of blue paper and dark blue ink to equal: "my, that's a lot of blue birds!"

preparing the block of their future home - drawing in ballpoint pen on toned linoleum

getting a feel for how it might start to come together.
On the one hand, I carved fewer blocks this week than during the mini project (3 1/2 instead of 6), but also, I took the next step beyond proofing to print and refine final versions.

There's a good bit of drawing in these, and with the variation in color of the ink and paper, no two are alike. I'm getting excited about seeing them all together (steeples fingers - yes, soon now, very soon...)