Wednesday, August 6, 2014

mini project inventory and scavenger hunt!

So now that the mini-project (6 blocks a week for a month -> 25 blocks) is complete...time to index the blocks so I can start building my archive of blocks (whahaha!)

For those interested in archiving, the code in the left column, ordered general to specific is:

B (for block) - What is it?
2014 - When is it? 
##- Which is it?
M (for mini-project) - Why is it?

To help me stay motivated, I added a column on the right of a photo scavenger hunt of "things in my house that show up in the blocks."

I think this is pretty funny - a lot of my inspiration comes from things I encounter everyday It's sort of like Freud's concept of "dream work," where the subconscious uses what's on hand in recent memory to make images for dreams; except, for art, the things I have on hand are not random. I chose what to have close, so its more circular - it starts with an idea and loops back around to the idea that already exists (hmmm.)

idea - material representation - art representation - idea
(and because I love color coded charts ;) ...)

Inventory of Mini-Project blocks with inspirations: