Monday, August 4, 2014

phase 4 - block printing mini project, complete!

Mini block project - complete!
6 blocks a week for a month, 25 blocks total
New this week - the 25th and final block.
 Steps along the way:

drawing - ballpoint pen on linoleum block
brown marker over the face so the removed
material is visible. Carving from large
marks to small

blue marker added to get an idea which lines
will print
proof and then corrections

close up of the neck
I also started to test out some color ink and different color paper
testing out some ideas of ways to use the prints
 Though the mini project is complete, I continue to add blocks. 

This week was the submission deadline for the 125th Annual Members' exhibition of the National Association of Women Artists. I wanted to send the owl print...but then I got to thinking (uh oh) - wouldn't it look better if the leaves had just a little bit of color...(so I reprinted them on maps); then...the owl needs a little more drawing in it, and wouldn't it look great if there were a little city in the background - like a Nuremberg Chronicle version of New York? (Yes... sigh).

A Nuremberg-Chronicl-esque version of New York featuring the Empire State building from
one of my photos.
As we see, I ended up remaking the entire piece...yes, I too find myself irritating sometimes.
old version


with added gray, black and white and 3 different golds
the spaces between the buildings are "filled in" with drawing to match the marbling of the paper in the background
maps and text used as the paper
I think it's better now, and I got it in with all its paper work in time (I think - fingers crossed!).

I also went to figure drawing, where I did ok, but was a little slow

In truth, I am very tired.

20 minutes
20 minutes