Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Opening at Tremaine!

Me and my Nana!
It's up!  A big week this week with the opening of solo show "Ex Animo" at Tremaine Gallery in Lakeville, CT. After delivering a second round of artwork, checking and adjusting hanging hardware, and installing the unicorn piece, I handed the reins over to gallery co-director Terri Moore who curated and hung the show.  Saturday was the opening, and I think it looks great - thumbs up! It's always exciting to see the final results, and it was the first time for me seeing many of these pieces on the wall. It was a lovely opening and I'm very thankful to those who helped, came out to support, and sent good wishes (heart!). I was extra-excited that my sweet cousin came with her family and brought my grandmother. It was so much fun sharing the artwork and seeing family and friends. 
me trying to work the "pano" feature on the camera to get the whole room

Honey in her favorite swimming spot :) The human even
waded in a little bit.
Between the final delivery day and the opening, I rested a little bit and took Honey, Wonder-pup to her favorite swimming spot. I also gave Honey a bath and the next day, we hiked all the way to the Hudson River. Naturally, Honey went right in one of the muddy creeks along the way (doh. - but it made her so happy!) 

In a slightly muddier spot, but still one happy pup!

Now that the shows are up, I had a lot of cleaning to do...thankfully my Feline Assistant kept me company while I got things back in order.

The studio isn't the only area that needs a little spring cleaning.  I also cleaned in my bedroom, taking everything out, washing the rug and curtains, etc getting things all ready for my new kitten's homecoming.  He isn't even home yet and already has a cache of things: collar, scratching post, toys, and I broke down after years of resisting and bought a cat tree. 
Mini came right over to investigate - she definitely knows something is up.

Honey seems to know too. 
 Spring came all at once and I feel like I'm a little behind on the yard. I made my first trip to the nursery for some of my favorites.

Last but not least, this week's landscape shots