Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Preparing for Feline Assistant, Jr., Dia Beacon, and sphinx collage

A busy week in Artlandia!
Getting ready to bring this
 adorable creature home!

I rarely take days off from the studio, but this past week I took a few days out to clean, paint, reorganize my bedroom in preparation of my feline baby's arrival.  Naturally, Mini helped, and apparently it was exhausting. I also did a lot of work in the garden, since I feel like between the late spring and show preparations things had gotten a little behind. I think we're back on track.

Mini exhausted by hanging the tapestry.
Honey helping in the garden
It was also Mother's Day, and I got to spend it with my Mom, Grandma, brother and brother's girlfriend at Dia Beacon - family togetherness amidst art!

Yes, I took a selfie with my favorite -
Robert Irwin's "Excursus:
Homage to the Square^3"
Celebrating Mother's Day surrounded by Dorothea Roackburne's work at
 Dia Beacon
 It was good to spend a few days taking care of non-studio related things, but I don't like to be away too long.  I reprinted this little gem, which for various reasons, keeps getting edited out and is yet to make it into a finished collage.

With the exception of the rocks, a lot of these parts hadn't made it into a collage yet, and I think it's time :).

30 x 22" collage in process

In a blast from the past - this chimera figure with a snow leopard body and my head in a dark landscape goes way (way) back to my school days, pre-blog. Here it is in a piece from January 2008 - my techniques have changed a lot since then, but I still heart chimeras, and it's funny to me how much the current collage in process reminds me of this student work.

Throw back to a collage of mine from January 2008! 12 x 12" graphite, color pencil, thread, decorative paper.
 Lots of landscapes this week and adventures with Honey.

I really, really like this tree in my neighborhood and am thinking that feline
baby's name is going to be Momiji, Japanese for red maple :)