Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Preparations continue

A bust week in Artlandia!

Preparations continue - framing, framing, framing.

Each framed piece got corners and a bubble wrapped sleeve and made it into a box - thumbs up!

Then, it was onto the very last piece to be prepared for hanging. The fox got sewn to a new border - I was so excited to have a perfect thread match. 
On the wall! 

I also printed a new round of bunnies to make a new piece that's headed to an exhibition at the Woodstock Artist Alliance Museum for a show of small works, May 5 - June 10. 

New 11 x 14" collage

...more framing, but at least it's small!

Mini being a helper in the studio

Mini was excited to be back in the studio and was a big helper!
Meanwhile Honey and I are back in training class, and I'm so proud of my smart pup (she also graciously donated her hiking time so that I could make the trip to drop off artwork). But the biggest piece of creature news...(drumroll)...I met my future feline assistant and got to hold him for the first time!(!!!) It was so much fun and so kind of his foster mom to have me - I've been so wanting to hold him and he is the sweetest, softest kitten.  I got to see him in full out rambunctious kitten playtime mode, and then he fell asleep in my lap. My heart is filled with happiness - I can already see his personality shining through and I can't wait to bring him home in a few weeks - I know Mini will be as besotted as I am and I think Honey will love him too.