Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Visiting Artist, Sphinx and Mo!

A busy week in Artlandia!

I glued down and sewed parts on a new 30 x 22" collage - thumbs up! I think It will still need a full sheet backing, and some more sewing to secure the parts, but it's well on it's way.
I also prepared a life-scale drapery block based on the 12 x 15 drapery block from October 2017
I was a visiting artist at the Hotchkiss School for part of the week and got to talk about my work in the Tremaine Gallery and demonstrate paper marbling techniques.

 In other art adventures, I went a reading of Kahn and Selesnick's "100 Views of the Drowning World," which was excellent, and the opening of Travelogue at Jack Shainman Gallery's The School also excellent.

And (...drumroll...!) I welcomed home Momiji!

He is the sweetest little kitty and already runs up to me when I enter the room and follows me and wants to sit on my lap (good boy! His foster mom taught him well :) ).  Mini seems to be adjusting to his arrival very well as does Honey.

He is his own sweet self, but of course his homecoming reminds me of when I first brought Sunny and Mini home.  He love's his toys and watching his intense concentration while we play reminds me of baby Sunny.
Baby Sunny
Baby Momiji

The way he most reminds me of baby Mini is in his love for his big sister.  Mini adored Sunny from day 1 and Mo seems to have a similar affection for Mini.

Mini with baby Momiji
Sunny with baby Mini

...of course, Mini seems much more receptive to his affection than Sunny was -
this is what I woke up to on his second day home,
whereas it took months before Sunny would let Mini sleep that close
(see above photo :p ).
 Honey has seen Mo, sniffed and wagged her tail: "Oh, there's a tiny one now?!"  I've been giving them some extra leeway as we adjust, so naturally Honey wanted to see if I would let her sleep in the bed (no), and Mini snuggled up to the sewing machine (still theoretically a kitty-free zone) - it's hard to resist those little faces!

Landscape shots of the week - some good ones (the trees totally remind me of the tree block!)